Our Location

Our Snack Bar Cafetaria is located in Alameda da Orada, in the commercial gallery of the Marina of Albufeira. In a very convenient location for those who visit the Marina and with a large free car park, the History of Bread is a place of reference for a light meal or a coffee.

How To Find Us

It is easy to find A História do Pão. When you reach the Marina of Albufeira by the Alameda da Marina you will find, on your left and in front of the Marina, the commercial gallery, where, more or less half way, is located the History of Bread and the Tobacco shop Blá Blá Blá. We look forward to your visit.

O snack bar cafetaria restaurante História do Pão está localizado na Marina de Albufeira.

Location of História do Pão in Albufeira Marina

The Snack Bar, Restaurant História do Pão is located in a privileged place of the municipality of Albufeira - The Marina of Albufeira. From this marina depart and arrive thousands of tourists daily for boat trips to the entire Algarve coast, sport fishing, Yacht and Power boat tours, Dolphin watching tours, boat trips at sunset and many other activities.

The Marina of Albufeira has been conquering an increasing number of tourists who, of course, also look for pleasant places to have a good meal or simply a coffee and a tasty cake from the rich Algarvian pastry shop. The História do Pão is located in the commercial gallery of the Marina of Albufeira, partially integrated in the Apartments of the Orada that also serves. For those who are looking for a restaurant, snack bar or café at the Marina de Albufeira the História do Pão is the solution.

Come Make Us a Visit

O café snack bar História do Pão situado na Avenida da Marina, Orada, Albufeira

Albufeira Marina

A História do Pão is situated in front of the Marina of Albufeira, on the Alameda da Orada above the free car park.

Avenida da Marina na orada, Albufeira onde se localiza o restaurante História do Pão

Alameda da Marina

Our Esplanade is located in stores 26-27, approximately in the middle of the Alameda da Marina commercial gallery.

Apartamentos da Orada em Albufeira. Serviço de snack bar e restaurante pela História do Pão

Apartamentos da Orada

A História do Pão is integrated in the local environment of the Apartments of the Orada, where it is responsible for the restaurant.

Esplanada da Cafetaria, snack bar, restaurante História do Pão na Marina de Albufeira.


In our terrace our guests can enjoy a good atmosphere for their meals or for a breakfast or snack.

We Always Try to Make a Difference

Come visit a História do Pão at the Albufeira Marina and enjoy a great snack